Thursday, 4 October 2012

BC-Monthly: September 2012

Hey all,

We are still not many. This is a fact.
Clearly, I am not promoting us sufficiently. This is a fact too, I admit.

Anyway, we are two frequenters, working with textile and paper and still happy to be listed on Belgacraft :)

Kukliki, in September, shared with us traditional Russian belts made using tablet-weaving:
Nice and useful creation!

Lucille Shabbyness presented this time something different - an unreal Unicorn made in papier-mache. 
Looks like it came straight from a tail-story with elves and a happy end, of course :)
Check out The Shabbyness blog and you will also find a video of this unusual beast.

You can see our works on Pinterest too!

We open the October submission, hoping that more creative Belgian crafters will join us :)

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