What can you do on Belgacraft

Belgacraft is your community, Belgian crafters. 

Belgacraft is a place where you can tell about yourself, your projects, share interesting things with others.
Depending whether you are crafter, shop or a supplier, you can do all these and more:


  • Participate in Belgacraft-Monthly review with your latest creations
  • Tell us about yourself
  • Tell us about your specific project: creation and master-classes are welcome!
  • If you sell your crafts on-line, you can place a banner of your shop.  

Shops and Suppliers
  • Tell us about your shop/business by sending an email with the post
  • Place a publicity banner on the main page.
  • Tell the crafters about a specific product by placing a post
  • Tell us about your coming events
All the announces and banners ca be placed free of charge, whether it is about business or about particular crafters.

Send us email on    BELGACRAFT (at) MAIL.COM


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