Monday, 31 December 2012

New 2013!

Dear Belgian Crafters,

Happy New 2013!

 New projects!
New ideas!
New people!
New places!

PS  This place is still inhabited and will stay so :)

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Craft Fair - Antwerpen

Dear Belgian Creators,

Check this event out!
If you are a crafter and looking to sell or simply demonstrate your creations, you are welcome to
Antwerp on October 27th evening.

The organisers are looking for more participants, particularly those making jewellery.

For more information, please send  email on

See you in Antwerp!

Thursday, 4 October 2012

BC-Monthly: September 2012

Hey all,

We are still not many. This is a fact.
Clearly, I am not promoting us sufficiently. This is a fact too, I admit.

Anyway, we are two frequenters, working with textile and paper and still happy to be listed on Belgacraft :)

Kukliki, in September, shared with us traditional Russian belts made using tablet-weaving:
Nice and useful creation!

Lucille Shabbyness presented this time something different - an unreal Unicorn made in papier-mache. 
Looks like it came straight from a tail-story with elves and a happy end, of course :)
Check out The Shabbyness blog and you will also find a video of this unusual beast.

You can see our works on Pinterest too!

We open the October submission, hoping that more creative Belgian crafters will join us :)

Monday, 10 September 2012

BC-Monthly: August 2012

Sorry sorry for being late with the overview.
The summer ends, the school year starts - I am behind everywhere :)

Lets catch up with the August works.
August was pretty quiet, but the submitted works all were result of rather large projects.

Kasia shared with us a cover made for Stan. You can see that this tender and joyful work made with a lot of love and patience. Bravo!

Kasia  Stan's cover  Brussels

Lucille Shabbiness blog, full of plenty interesting works, showed in August a complex mixed-media project made specially for Faber Castell contest. I have checked the contest page, and can say that your work is very nice! Good luck!

And, of course, me too, I participated too in Belgacraft-monthly, with two Kukliki works a new doll Panteleimon and a cover made of scrap textile pieces.

By the way, Kasia does not have Beause she does not have a blog, or any Internet place to show her works, she has sent it to Belgacraft email:
 You can do the same to submit your work in September and we will share your work on Belgacraft Pinterest Show Window.

Thank you for your works in September!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Belgacraft on Pinterest

Hey all!

To have more visibility,  Belgacraft is now on

Follow Me on Pinterest

All the Belgacraft Monthly works will be added to our Pinterest gallery!

Show off, Belgian crafters! ;)


Monday, 6 August 2012

We join International Directory Blogspot.

Hello all,

To increase the visibility of our blog, some time ago we joined the impressive community on the International Directory Blogspot.

The directory has above 2000 of followers and at this moment there are 20 Belgian blogs.
By the way your blog may be 21st :)

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

BC-Monthly: July 2012

Hello Everybody!

Hope you have as nice weather as in Brussels now (they announced thunder afternoon though).

This is our First BC-Monthly review of Belgian creations.

Lets be frank, this is just a beginning and there are only few submissions but
1st   :   Beginning is a hard evil!
2nd  :   The submissions are worth cheking out!
3rd  :  We will strive for more!

So the very first Belgacraft entry is from Shabbyness  blog with subtle and sophisticated scrapbooking work:

It is very nice and summery work, perfect for July !   
I see you have other nice creation on your blog... We wait more works from you for BC-Monthly ;)

The second July work is shared by Kukliki blog. She shares her Loukeria dolls in Russian style:

The dolls are made with old clothes and pictured in an old style photo. Charming!

We also have two entries with Dawanda shops without particular creation selected, so I have chosen myself the one I liked most :)

The MIMITRICOTS creates romantic knitted pieces. They are so feminine, that you think of old-fashioned long skirts to fit these creations :)  I cracked for this ANGORA shawl:

 So warm and soft, right for stylish Belgian evenings :)

The Nikita551s with Creations Nikita shop made me a hard task for choosing a preferred piece from plenty of exposed items. But when I saw this bracelet, I said I love it!

Cannot be more joyful for July creation!

Thank you all for sharing your works! 
BC-Monthly continues next month, and I heartily invite you to share your blogs with the creations made in August!

As long as we move on, we will tailor the rules for the BC-Monthly submissions. So far, the main thing we ask is to add the Belgacraft banner on the participating pages, where possible. This will promote our blog and consequently your works too!

Last but not least, Belgacraft will not limit its activity to BC-Monthly only  ( it's just a lazy summer start :)  
Stay tuned!


Sunday, 17 June 2012

Welcome to the blog of Belgian creators and craftsmen!

Our blog is created to promote Belgian creations and to increase interlinks between Belgian creators.

Every month you can share with everybody your latest creations by using the Add your link button below in this post. Most interesting works will appear in Belgacraft Monthly Selection and will get even greater visibility.

This is a place to be a proud Belgian creator!

UPDATE: These are the MC-Monthly July 2012 submissions:




Thanks to all!