Monday, 10 September 2012

BC-Monthly: August 2012

Sorry sorry for being late with the overview.
The summer ends, the school year starts - I am behind everywhere :)

Lets catch up with the August works.
August was pretty quiet, but the submitted works all were result of rather large projects.

Kasia shared with us a cover made for Stan. You can see that this tender and joyful work made with a lot of love and patience. Bravo!

Kasia  Stan's cover  Brussels

Lucille Shabbiness blog, full of plenty interesting works, showed in August a complex mixed-media project made specially for Faber Castell contest. I have checked the contest page, and can say that your work is very nice! Good luck!

And, of course, me too, I participated too in Belgacraft-monthly, with two Kukliki works a new doll Panteleimon and a cover made of scrap textile pieces.

By the way, Kasia does not have Beause she does not have a blog, or any Internet place to show her works, she has sent it to Belgacraft email:
 You can do the same to submit your work in September and we will share your work on Belgacraft Pinterest Show Window.

Thank you for your works in September!

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